What is QuestaGame?

QuestaGame is where this whole Guardians of Earth adventure began.

QuestaGame is the world's first mobile game that takes you outdoors to discover, map and ultimately help protect life on our planet. Your sightings contribute to real research and conservation. No nature experience required. QuestaGame is a mobile game that allows players to engage with nature by photographing and identifying species in their local environment. Players earn points based on the rarity and quality of their sightings, and can compete in quests and challenges. The game fosters a love for nature and contributes to biodiversity science, as the data collected by players is shared with global biodiversity databases. QuestaGame was our very first step on this adventure. We are looking forward to ramping up the excitement and engagement through our new games to captivate even more diverse audiences.

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How do I play QuestaGame?

To play QuestaGame, you need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you've installed the app, you can start by creating an account. The game involves going outside, finding wildlife, and submitting sightings through the app. You can identify the species yourself or leave it for the QuestaGame community to help. You earn points based on the rarity and quality of your sightings, and these points contribute to your overall score and ranking in the game. Some basic tips:

How does QuestaGame contribute to biodiversity science?

QuestaGame contributes to biodiversity science by collecting valuable data about wildlife species around the world. Every sighting submitted by players is verified by experts and then shared with global biodiversity databases, such as the Atlas of Living Australia and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. This data helps scientists track species distributions, monitor biodiversity, and understand the impacts of climate change and other environmental factors on wildlife.

How are points calculated in QuestaGame?

Points in QuestaGame are calculated based on the rarity and quality of your sightings. You earn more points for finding rare or less commonly sighted species. The quality of your sighting also matters - clear, well-framed photos with accurate identifications will earn you more points. Additionally, you can earn bonus points by participating in quests and challenges.

Can I play QuestaGame anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can play QuestaGame anywhere in the world! The game is designed to encourage exploration and discovery of nature, no matter where you are. Whether you're in a city park, a rural countryside, or a national park, there's always wildlife to find and sightings to submit.

Is QuestaGame suitable for children?

Absolutely! QuestaGame is a family-friendly game that encourages children to explore nature and learn about wildlife. It's a great way for kids to develop an interest in biodiversity and science. However, we recommend that young children play under adult supervision, especially when exploring outdoor areas.

What kind of wildlife can I submit in QuestaGame? What about photos of my pets or garden plants?

You can submit sightings of any kind of wildlife in QuestaGame - from birds, insects, and mammals to trees, flowers, and fungi. We won't accept sightings of cultivated plants (such as the planted plants in your garden), or captive animals (like your pets or zoo animals). But don't worry though, you don't have to look hard to find the wild life around you!

Please remember to respect wildlife and their habitats. Don't disturb animals or damage plants while playing the game.

How can I improve my score in QuestaGame?

Improving your score in QuestaGame involves submitting high-quality sightings and participating in quests and challenges. Here are some tips:

  1. Submit clear, well-framed photos: The better your photo, the easier it is for others to identify the species and the more points you'll earn.

  2. Identify your sightings: If you can accurately identify the species in your sighting, you'll earn more points.

  3. Participate in quests or head-to-head challenges: These features offer bonus points and are a fun way to boost your score.

  4. Explore different habitats: Different species live in different habitats. By exploring a variety of places, you can find a wider range of wildlife.

How does the identification process work in QuestaGame?

When you submit a sighting in QuestaGame, you have the option to identify the species yourself or leave it for the community to help. Once your sighting is submitted, it goes to the Bio-Expertise Engine, where experts and other players can review it and suggest identifications. The identification that receives the most agreement becomes the final ID, and points are awarded based on the rarity and quality of the sighting.

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