The Realms

What is a Nature Realm?

A Nature Realm is a digital representation of a real-world location, rich in biodiversity. These realms can range from nature resorts and reserves to urban green spaces, and even your own property. Each realm is a unique digital space where users can explore, document species who live there, and contribute to global biodiversity databases. Each realm brings together information from integrated citizen science biodiversity monitoring apps (including Spirits of the Realms, and QuestaGame), from the Oracle of Life, and soon from the Guardians of Earth game. We are also exploring options for a realm owner to be able to integrate data from additional biodiversity monitoring tools into their realm - e.g., drone surveys, remote sensing data, bioacoustics, etc.

How can I explore a Nature Realm?

In the physical world, you can visit any publicly accessible Nature Realm (noting some may be private). Perhaps you knew it was a Nature Realm before you visited, or perhaps you only discovered this during your visit via a QR code?

Once you onboard to the virtual experience of a Nature Realm (via a QR code in the real world, or via a link to a realm's webpage, or via the GoE 'View Public Realms' page ) you can:

  • view photos and videos from past explorers,

  • discover species found in or near the realm, or even

  • add your own sightings and/or stories if you've visited the realm in person ('Add Sightings' to the realm using the Guardians of Earth platform, or other integrated apps).

Depending on the Nature Realm's subscription level, other possible virtual experiences include:

  • speak with the Realm's nature spirit guide to quickly gain understanding of what unique features make the realm's biodiversity special (thanks to LandAI)

  • encounter Augmented Reality activation that brings past species sightings to life, and opens the space up to endless creative possibility (coming soon)

  • amplify the fun through integration with the upcoming GoE real-world based mobile game (coming soon)

How can I add to a Nature Realm?

If you've visited the location in the real world, you may have encounters with nature that you'd like to share in the form of sightings or stories.

Even if you have not visited the realm, you may knowledge or expertise that you can share in the form of stories or identifications (to help validate the species of the sightings being submitted by others).

Add your sightings

By submitting your sightings of the local species - photos or videos - you can help collectively map out the health of the realm's biodiversity. It can also inspire others to connect with the land of the realm, and the life that calls it home.

You can add sightings via the Guardians of Earth games (such as QuestaGame or Spirits of the Realms), other participating nature mapping apps, or directly via the individual realm's webpage - click 'Add your... > ...Sightings'.

Add your stories

You may also want to add your own 'stories' to the realm. These stories may be insights about the species in the realm, or they may be personal reflections of your own encounters with nature. You can even share YouTube and TikTok videos.

You can add your stories via the individual realm's webpage 'Add your... > ...Stories'.

Add your identifications

If you are good at identifying species, you can help do this via the Oracle of Life. If you want to focus on providing identifications just for specific Nature Realms(s), you can add them as your 'Regions of Expertise' via your account's settings.

Ready to make your own impact through a Nature Realm? Start by finding a Nature Realm to add to (view all public Realms here), or you can even create your own Nature Realm (get started for free).

What do the key indicators like BioScore mean for each Realm?

A realm's BioScore is an indicator of biodiversity health for the area, taking into account the quality of community biodiversity monitoring. The four components of the BioScore are:

  1. Community - looks at community involvement (number of unique active participants) relative to involvement in the greater region.

  2. Monitoring - looks at the amount of data being collected relative to the greater region.

  3. Species diversity - looks at the number of unique species, relative to the number of observations, relative to the greater region.

  4. BioValue - indicator of the value of the data being providing as determined by the community. It looks at the average score given per sighting by the Oracle (, or in some cases, by the app through which the sighting was submitted.

The underlying methodology will be continually reviewed and improved by our community of Elders.

How do I set up my own Nature Realm?

It's free and easy to get started. Guardians of Earth allows users to create their own Nature Realms. Whether it's your backyard, a local park, or a nature reserve you manage, you can set up a realm and start documenting the biodiversity within it. This not only contributes to global biodiversity databases but also allows you to engage with the local community, and visitors to the realm, encouraging them to appreciate and protect the biodiversity around them. To set up your Realm, you'll simply need to enter a location, a few basic details (name, short description) and choose your subscription level. Once you have set up your free realm, you can upgrade it to a premium realm at any time for added benefits. You can even use the BioCoin you earn as an Elder via the Oracle of Life to upgrade your Realm subscription.

What are the benefits of a Nature Realm subscription?

A Nature Realm subscription offers a unique opportunity to contribute to global biodiversity conservation efforts while engaging with a community of nature enthusiasts and citizen scientists. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Contribute to Biodiversity Conservation: By subscribing to a Nature Realm, you're directly contributing to global biodiversity databases. The data collected from your realm helps scientists and conservationists better understand and protect our natural world.

  2. Engage with and inspire the Community: Your Nature Realm becomes a hub for local and global community engagement. You can interact with players, share insights about the biodiversity in your realm, and learn from others. Here's what you can look forward to:

    • Gamified and Financial Incentives: Encourage community biodiversity sightings and knowledge sharing through fun game mechanics and financial rewards.

    • Augmented Reality Experiences and Real-World Game Integrations: Add an extra layer of fun and engagement with AR experiences and integrations with our upcoming GoE real-world based mobile game.

    • Community Blog: Share your biodiversity stories with your community through your own blog.

    • Cross-Realm Competitions: Engage in friendly competition with other realms to boost community involvement and biodiversity discovery.

    • Iterative Feature Additions: We're always adding new features based on community feedback. Let us know what you want to see in your realm!

  3. Educational Opportunities: Nature Realms provide a rich, interactive learning environment. They're a great way for individuals, families, and educational institutions to learn about biodiversity and citizen science.

  4. Promote Environmental Stewardship: Owning a Nature Realm is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to environmental stewardship. It's an opportunity to lead by example and inspire others to take action for biodiversity conservation.

  5. Access to Aggregate Reporting: As a Nature Realm owner, you'll receive reports about the biodiversity data collected in your realm aggregated from all supported apps for valuable insights into the species present, seasonal trends, and more.

  6. Support the Guardians of Earth Platform: Your subscription helps support the ongoing development and maintenance of the Guardians of Earth platform, enabling us to continue to empower a new generation of custodians of life and land.

  7. ESG Commitments: For businesses and organizations, a Nature Realm subscription can be a part of your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. It's a tangible way to show your commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement, and can contribute to your overall ESG strategy.

Remember, each Nature Realm is unique, and the benefits can vary depending on your location, the local biodiversity, and the level of community engagement. But no matter where your realm is, your subscription will be making a difference for global biodiversity conservation.

Where do I go if I need support setting up or managing my Nature Realm subscription(s)?

If you need support setting up or managing your Nature Realm subscription, we're here to help! You can reach out to our dedicated support team through the following channels:

  • Email: Send us an email at with your questions or concerns. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.

  • Discord: Join our Guardians of Earth Discord server and post your question in the #🆘help-forum channel. Our community and team members are active there and can provide quick assistance.

  • FAQs: Check for updates to these Nature Realms FAQs.

Remember, we're here to ensure your experience with Guardians of Earth is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance!

What are the different types of Nature Realms?

Guardians of Earth offers different types of Nature Realms through 4 subscription levels:

  1. Seed - Discover, share, and grow your realm's biodiversity

  2. Sprout - Cultivate a community around your realm

  3. Sapling - Grow your impact and connect with a wider community

  4. Sequoia - Reach new heights, lead the way in discovering and conserving biodiversity

Each level comes with its own set of features and capabilities, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Example Realm owners (not exhaustive):

  • Individual users who want to document biodiversity in their backyards;

  • organisations managing large nature reserves;

  • eco-resorts;

  • corporations tracking their biodiversity impacts across supply chains.

Can I sponsor others' Nature Realms?

Guardians of Earth is all about community and empowering each other. If you're interested in supporting biodiversity conservation globally, you will be able to financially sponsor individual Nature Realms that have requested assistance. Your support will directly incentivise and reward the community providing high quality biodiversity monitoring and knowledge, and potentially unlock insights from monitoring tools that the community would have no access to without your support.

Importantly your sponsorships will also allow you to benefit from aggregate reporting across all the realms you sponsor - so you can showcase your positive biodiversity impact to your own stakeholders. This could be a realm in a location you care about, or a realm managed by a community or conservation group whose work you want to support. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us.

How does exploring a Nature Realm contribute to biodiversity research and conservation?

Exploring a Nature Realm in Guardians of Earth is a fun and engaging way to contribute to biodiversity research and conservation. As you explore a realm, you can document the biodiversity you encounter, from plants to insects to birds and more. This data is validated via the Oracle of Life and shared with the Realm owners, sponsors and global biodiversity databases. Ultimately this means this valuable information is not only in the hands of scientists and researchers studying these species and their habitats, but also in the hands of the community that is empowered to make a positive biodiversity impact ground-up.

Moreover, by engaging with nature in this way, you're also fostering a personal connection with the natural world, which is a key driver of conservation behaviour.

For more information on the how Guardians of Earth contributes to biodiversity research and conservation, please refer to the 'The Big Picture'.

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