Spirits of the Realms

Game Status: Beta release

What is 'Spirits of the Realms'?

Spirits of the Realms (SotR) is an augmented reality (AR) game developed by Guardians of Earth (GoE). It can be played as a stand-alone game, or integrated with QuestaGame.

SotR is a friendly competition between six alien spirit civilizations who have come to Earth to become the protector spirits for the planets species - across all the Nature Realms. As they compete, they awaken Earth's own true nature spirits. SotR is a nature positive game that get players outdoors. It not only encourages players to look a little closer that the life we share our planet with, but it empowers them to become an active part of a solution to the biodiversity crisis - documenting species data that supports research and conservation.

How do I play Spirits of the Realms?

To play SotR, you'll need to first download the Spirits of the Realms app from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store - see links here: https://www.guardiansofearth.io/spirits.

Once you've created an account for SotR (this is the same as your Guardians of Earth or QuestaGame account), you start exploring the world around you through the game's AR mode.

Can you find any nature spirits? Hint: look for the black tags. These unique beings have been awoken by past players. Accept the spirits' quests and start building your own collection of spirit 'allies'.

Can you find any nature sightings submitted by other players? They'll show up as different coloured tags depending on which player/civ most recently claimed them. See if you can 'chronicle' them yourself to claim the points.

Can you find 'wild' species in the real-world? Start building your own collection of nature sightings by clicking the camera icon on the app's main dashboard, and adding your own photos and videos. You don't even have to know what you've found (though that will score you extra points).

What are the six alien spirit civilizations?

The six alien spirit civilizations in Spirits of the Realms each represent different core concepts of life. They are:

The Solan

"Life is Light"

The Solan champion the principles of growth and energy. They perceive life as an unending journey of development, fuelled by a boundless source of vitality. To them, the pinnacle of existence is a state of continuous evolution, always learning, advancing, and harnessing the power within.

The Woven

"Give and Receive"

The Woven treasure harmony and reciprocity. They envision life as a complex tapestry, where each strand is interconnected and dependent on the others. To them, the finest existence is found in equilibrium and mutual exchange, where actions and reactions create a balanced dance.

The Toroid

"Begin Again"

The Toroid revere transformation and the cyclical nature of existence. They view life as a series of transformative cycles, each an opportunity for renewal and growth. To them, the apex of existence is achieved by embracing change and flowing with life's natural rhythms.

The Dendrite

"Branch Out"

The Dendrite celebrate diversity and interconnection. They see life as a vast network of varied elements, all interconnected in a complex web of relationships. To them, the richness of existence lies in the variety of life's forms and the strength of their connections.

The Undine

"Flowing Together as One"

The Undine value unity and the life-giving essence of water. They perceive life as a vast ocean, where every creature contributes to the whole and relies on the same vital resource - water. To them, the pinnacle of existence is achieved when individuals move together like a current, sharing the life-sustaining gift of water.

The Glyph

"Deep Knowledge In Time"

The Glyph uphold resilience and wisdom as their guiding lights. They see life as a journey marked by trials that shape one's wisdom and resilience. To them, the finest existence is attained through enduring life's challenges and learning from them, leaving a trail of wisdom for others to follow.

How do I earn points/rewards in Spirits of the Realms?

You earn earn points/rewards in Spirits of the Realms by:

  • successfully completing quests given to you by nature spirits

  • chronicling sightings from other players in AR

  • submitting nature sightings from the real-world

You'll also be able to earn bonus points by playing the game within Nature Realms.

Can I play Spirits of the Realms anywhere?

Yes, you can play Spirits of the Realms anywhere there is life to be found! The game encourages exploration and discovery, so whether you're in your backyard, a local park, or a Nature Realm, there's always something to find. If there are no 'chronicled' species already appearing in the AR view where you are playing, you can always add your own.

The game really comes to life within GoE Nature Realms, where there are big points multipliers on offer - and higher still for Realms with big BioScores!

Is Spirits of the Realms free to play?

Yes, Spirits of the Realms is free to play. Our goal is to make nature exploration and learning accessible to everyone.

How does Spirits of the Realms contribute to biodiversity research and conservation?

Spirits of the Realm contributes to biodiversity research and conservation several ways:

  • celebrates biodiversity mapping, making engagement with nature fun and engaging,

  • encourages players to level up their species identification skills,

  • any species sightings added to Spirits of the Realms contribute to biodiversity research and conservation through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). By adding sightings, you're not only having fun but you're also helping scientists around the world better understand and protect our planet's biodiversity.

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